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  1. Nahir Vilca

    Feliz cumpleaños WINWIN!!!

  2. panjiss channel

    Kurang Terimakasiiiihhhhhh

  3. Ruth Elizabeth LP.

    Si quieres te paso mi número Ryeowook, yo te respondo los mensajes en menos de un segundo y olvídate que jamás te dejaría en visto. UwU♥️ 636,607

  4. hello world


  5. NCTzen ARMY

    Semangat streamingnya sijeuni jangan lupa streaming mv lainnya juga (emot lope ijo)

  6. Risoles Goreng

    Gaess kalo aku nyampah di komenan kalian maaf ya ^_*v

  7. Rhianne Mhey Padilla

    I really love this group!!!

  8. lutfialulu


  9. A

    I keep replaying the part at the end where Irene says psycho

  10. silv

    𝙃𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙮 𝙒𝙞𝙣𝙬𝙞𝙣 𝘿𝙖𝙮 ♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔

  11. subak noona

    Mark, actually you make me crazy

  12. zicung park

    when I'm tired of this life that full of sht, I always go here and cry, ong thank u nct TT

  13. Jenniffer González

    I always miss you 😢 I always need you 🌹 I always love you ❤️ 💖💗 My dearest and loved moon 🌜

  14. Nahir Vilca

    WAYV!!! Después de verlos vestidos como princesas vine aquí. No puedo creer que no haya nada que no les quede mal. No puedo parar de reir con ellos.

  15. Emma Ramilo

    💗💗💗 🉐🈵🈲🈶🈹 🈲🉐 🈲🈲🈸🈚㊗️🈷️㊙️

  16. Fouzia wow

    Any Baby EXO-L here...? I am EXO-L since September 2020... Bangladeshi EXO-L..♡♡♡

  17. Miranda Maheswari

    luruszen suka kalian

  18. 로렌

    Baru balek sekolah langsung str3am1ng

  19. RedVelvet SaveMeFromDepression

    He still the Chen i loved 9 yrs ago. He's vocal will remain superior.

  20. Miranda Maheswari


  21. PCT T

    road to 127m!!!

  22. alya regina

    semangat semwa

  23. Happy Virus

    Eres arte!!!

  24. Taminator

    e)(o all the way

  25. Emma Ramilo

    O my idol you so handsome I love you I'm Kim sun jin

  26. Wheremygummybear TV

    wowww everyone watching psycho everyday. the vi3s are rapidly increasing

  27. silv


  28. ITS okay Man I Don't care man

    30M jangan pake lama yuk

  29. kim Yerim


  30. ITS okay Man I Don't care man

    27427 yuk bisa yuk semangat

  31. alex higgins

    I'm not familiar with Exo but who's the guy in the blue t shirt? .... He is really and exceptional dancer!

  32. natasha _

    no one know its 23 members now

  33. RedVelvet SaveMeFromDepression

    6.759 oct 28 2020

  34. Thúy Thanh


  35. Emily Fatiha Khairani

    Kenapa ya? Kalo pas bagian poto pas kecil, nangis mulu bawaannya :"(

  36. Charlotte

    SM truly hit a jackpot with Wendy! And with other Red Velvet members as well! Where else could you find a Wendy, Seulgi, Irene, Yeri, and Joy???? To be able to put them all together is like one in every century.

  37. kim Yerim


  38. Maisha Samiha

    "Nanananana" here too!! *NANA EVERYWHERE!!*

  39. hana byun

    how i miss this song so much

  40. Yume Kama


  41. Elisa Chandra

    Lagu mereka sangat menyentuh hati saya

  42. Ellorna Moon

    Miss you

  43. Anicer Dais

    Wow amazing

  44. kim Yerim


  45. haikal joey

    Yeri already have bangs and seulgi have blonde streaks!guess what??RV'S COMEBACK IS CLOSE!!

    1. riffgroove


  46. kim Yerim


  47. Selima Aileen Agustina

    Tugas pkn ku nyimak video 3 jam Tapi aku milih str3aming :)

    1. Risoles Goreng

      Nggak ngantuk emang 3jam nyimak

  48. Ellorna Moon

    Kim junmyeon...

  49. na jaemin

    30 M fightinggg

  50. Lee Mark Watermelon

    The choreography in the start I can't

  51. Johnnathan Suh

    OMG GUYS we're gonna get an nct beyond live with all 23 members WITHIN this year be ready!!

  52. kim Yerim


  53. محور الكون.


  54. Nahir Vilca

    Ot 5 forever!!! Red velvet, no son 1,2,3 o 4 ellas son 5. Red velvet las mejores!!!

  55. Anastasia Hosiana

    Take a break from my home work

  56. Bct Gblk

    250M!!! Lets go!!!!

  57. Aditi

    I don't know how SM found such talented artists with such great visuals

  58. silv


  59. 176C-582 Lahari

    I'll miss you man😘❤️

  60. 51R BRICK

    Hey EXO-L's or fans in general ,We the Kpop Community should normalize these idols being in a relationship, its not like its gonna make a diffrence ,whether or not they're in a relationship, leave these idols alone ,they are human being's trying to their life to the fullest with doing or loving whatever/whoever they want.

  61. Ruth Elizabeth LP.

    Me encanta el cabello de ambos.🤭♥️ 558,824

  62. P Cook

    I am not alone because of NCT

  63. Sena İşte


  64. RedVelvet SaveMeFromDepression

    76.946 oct 28 2020

  65. chew gum


  66. D3AR


  67. Happiness Delight

    The teaser for this mv is at 999K at the moment~ If we all watch it a few times more we should get it to 1M soon >\<

  68. RedVelvet SaveMeFromDepression

    They deserve all the support. Their talents are no joke.

  69. Ellorna Moon

    Listening to this everyday💞



  71. Kpop Lover


  72. سِـيلا ْ༆.


    1. سِـيلا ْ༆.


    2. سِـيلا ْ༆.


    3. سِـيلا ْ༆.


    4. سِـيلا ْ༆.


    5. سِـيلا ْ༆.


  73. ITS okay Man I Don't care man

    Yuk dikit lagi 77M gaes jangan pake lama

  74. marina leffy

    You got me feeling like SOTY

    1. red velvet best idol group alive

      SIALSKALSKSK LMAO, hope psycho win soty because is THAT song

    2. Xixi Zizi

      I like that 😎

  75. RedVelvet SaveMeFromDepression

    SM really have the best of the best idols of all time.

  76. Ellorna Moon

    Cant wait for kyungsoo comeback...

  77. Zayuar Arari


  78. Margaret Curbi

    *When Make a Wish was released but your still not over this*

  79. Fouzia wow

    Any baby EXO-L here...?? I am since September 2020... Bangladeshi EXO-L✿

  80. Janela Mae Cayabyab

    rip repeat button 😂